9 December 2012

The Obligatory Christmas Post

Wow, it's been a while. I haven't had a chance to post as I have been pretty busy with work and all (yes, that's right... actual work!!).

I've really been enjoying my time at Bristol Mail Centre (except for Saturday's which are just hell on earth). My department takes all the reject letters and sorts them into outgoing (the rest of the country) and incoming (Bristol). There's about 60 pigeon holes to remember for three different sections and an expectation to sort 31 letters per minute! It's insanely fast paced but really quite an experience. I've also met some very interesting people, and I am getting some information on placements I can do to help with my Paramedic career off a guy from the Caribbean.

Anyway, the reason for my post is Christmas! I can't remember the last time I really enjoyed Christmas. Probably a good couple of years ago, at least. The magic I experienced when I was a kid, and even after I found out Santa Clause wasn't real had vanished and I became a Scrooge.

However, this year all of my pent up festive feelings are unleashing themselves and I've decided the build up to Christmas is by far the best part. I've already paid a visit to Bristol's German Market, had my customary German Sausage and even found myself some mulled cider! As you may have guessed, food is a huge part of my Christmas experience and I can not wait to make Christmas food and force feed it to people.

Last week I made our Christmas Tree out of a cereal box and this evening, I spent my time making mulled cider whilst listening to Christmas music. I'm in the middle of doing my Christmas shopping online, although I have no idea what I want for Christmas and my Mother is pestering my almost hourly.

Mulled Cider! As was pointed out by my housemate, it looks like a chocolate chip muffin floating around. I had to cheat slightly, as the shop was rather useless with it's spice selection.

House 269's Christmas Tree. I know it looks absolutely STUNNING, and you are all incredibly envious, but it looks ridiculously out of proportion in the corner of our living room.
Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful December. I shall leave you for another week. Go out and enjoy the festive spirit, don't let the Scrooge take over!


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